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Pharmaceutical products are lucrative and fast-growing cargo commodities for businesses across the value chain.
The pharmaceutical industry spends billions each year to ensure the reliable and compliant transport of its products, and its expectations for your cargo business are high. The ILS Healthcare team will prepare you with the regulatory and operational foundations you need to start handling temperature-controlled shipments and show you how to build specialized pharmaceutical services into your daily operations.

Our Expertise:-

 Understand the logistical needs of the international healthcare industry and ensure compliance with its regulations
 Mitigate risks common to the transport of pharmaceutical and other time and temperature-sensitive shipments
 Implement key components of a Quality Management System in your operations to ensure consistent and reliable service
 Establish a complete cold chain logistical process in compliance with national and international regulations

Key Points that we know about this sector –

 International standards and guidelines for healthcare shipments: Requirements determined by the World Health Organization (WHO), EU, United States Pharmacopeia, IATA Temperature Control Regulations (TCR) and Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR) manuals
 Temperature management: How to identify critical points throughout a product’s journey and ensure the correct temperature range
 Risk management for the cold chain: How to establish standard operating procedures to avoid temperature deviation between transportation modes, locations and stakeholders
 Temperature-sensitive product handling: Standards for packing, documenting, labelling and handling temperature sensitive products
 Temperature-controlled containers: The basic requirements for classifying, building and inspecting containers specific to the cold chain
 IATA internal audit checklist: How to conduct an audit of your cold operations and use your findings to establish consistency throughout your operations
 Lean management: Methodologies for streamlining your operations and ensuring continued quality



ILS Team offers End-to-End Logistics solutions to our customers using the infrastructure and railway rakes of CONCOR and other Private operators for carriage of goods in containers.

We offer customized solutions for rail infrastructure segment.


Power Plants

ILS Leadership team has been associated with planning, implementation and monitoring of logistics for Mega Power Projects. The scope of work includes Ocean Freighting of Heavy Lifts in chartered vessels from Overseas, Unloading and storage at Indian Ports, Transportation of Equipment from Port to Site using Hydraulic Axels and River Barges, building bypasses en-route, strengthening weak bridges to allow the safe passage of the equipment. Obtaining permissions from Government Authorities, safe delivery of equipment at the receiver site.


Chemical Industry

Safe, efficient and sustainable logistics are critical to the future of chemical industry. Ensuring safe transport and handling of its products, with care for the environment and in full accordance with regulations, is of key importance for the image and reputation of the chemical industry. We deal with logistics of Pharmaceutical and biotech products, polymers, plastics, rubber, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, fertilizers in bulk and in containers. We also handle hazardous chemicals and provide Tank Containers for their movement, storage and Delivery.


Textile Industry

The textile and clothing industry is a diverse and heterogeneous industry which covers an important number of activities from the transformation of fibers to yarns and fabrics to the production of a wide variety of products such as hi-tech synthetic yarns, wool, bed-linen, industrial filters, geo-textiles, clothing etc…

ILS is active in transporting basic tissues to clothes factories and transfers them afterwards to distribution centers and Overseas Buyers in the form of yarn, clothing, Towels, bed linen of various qualities going from basic to luxury garments and accessories.


Projects Cargoes

ILS team is able to control monitor and operate project logistics on door to door basis. We provide flexible and tailor made solutions adaptable to any situation and circumstances.


Heavy Engineering

For Heavy Lifts and Over Dimensional Cargoes ILS regularly carries out Route Surveys from Point of Origin to Destination, especially in India. We plan and arrange right mode of transport and also obtain statutory clearances.



Our Indian operations deliver/Export Ores in Bulk and in Containers across the globe. We specialize in evacuation of ores from Mining sites, transporting them to Railway Sidings, arranging for rakes for transporting the Ore to the Ports, Handling of Ore at the Railway Sidings, Unloading the ore at Plot inside/outside the port, shifting the ore to the berth for loading onto the Vessel, Charting vessels at most competitive rates, arranging for export documentation. We also arrange for Survey for Quality and Quantity to safeguard the interest of our principals.


Iron and Steel Industry

Flat Products (Coils, Sheets, Plates, Strips), Long Products (Structurals, TMT Bars, Wire Rods..) varieties of steel products are used in a very wide range of applications by industries like mechanical, shipbuilding, automotive, appliances , packaging, construction and transport.

The main competitive strength is based on high quality products, product innovation and technological development, efficiency, skilled man power. We deliver the intermediate and end-products. We also store, sort, pack, handle, transport, re-work various steel products.


Paper & Pulp Industry

ILS leadership team has successfully executed some of the biggest Paper Mill Expansion projects in India. Where we managed the dismantling of machinery overseas, arranged for shipper own containers, Ocean Freighting from Origin to India, Import Custom clearance with Indian Customs and door delivery of the cargo to the site.